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Month: April 2019

Intercultural U​nderstanding, Belonging and Value: A Wittgensteinian Approach

3-year funding award for the research project
“Intercultural Understanding, Belonging and Value: Wittgensteinian Approaches” 💫
Funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (Spain) 
Principal Investigator: Chon Tejedor (University of Valencia) 

Research Team: 
• Carla Carmona (University of Sevilla)
• David Pérez-Chico (University of Zaragoza)
• Nicolas Sanchez Dura (University of Valencia)
• Vicente Sanfélix Vidarte (University of Valencia)
• Chon Tejedor (University of Valencia)

Research Working Plan group: 
• Juliet Floyd (Boston University)
• Elise Marrou (La Sorbonne)
• Daniele Moyal-Sharrock (University of Hertfordshire & BWS)
• Constantine Sandis (University of Hertfordshire & BWS)
• Roger Teichmann (University of Oxford)

Wittgenstein and Brandom

DISPUTATIO. Boletín de Investigación Filosófica (Madrid, ISSN: 2254-0601), se complace en anunciar la publicación del primer avance del número especial: Pragmatismo lingüístico y racional: las filosofías de Wittgenstein y Brandom.



Robert B. Brandom 
[Afirmar] (English-Spanish Edition)

John McDowell 
How Not to Read Philosophical Investigations: Brandom’s Wittgenstein  
[Cómo no leer las Investigaciones Filosóficas: El Wittgenstein de Brandom] (English-Spanish Edition)

Robert B. Brandom
Some Strands of Wittgenstein’s Normative Pragmatism, and Some Strains of his Semantic Nihilism  
[Algunas vertientes del pragmatismo normativo de Wittgenstein y algunas tensiones de su nihilismo semántico] (English)

Simon Blackburn 
Wittgenstein and Brandom: Affinities and Divergences 
[Wittgenstein y Brandom: afinidades y divergencias] (English)

Danielle Macbeth 
Wittgenstein and Brandom on Normativity and Sociality 
[Wittgenstein y Brandom sobre normatividad y socialidad] (English)

Bernhard Weiss 
Normativity: A Matter of Keeping Score or of Policing? 
[Normatividad: ¿una cuestión de puntaje o de monitoreo?] (English)

María José Frápolli 
The Pragmatic Gettier. Brandom on Knowledge and Belief 
[El Gettier pragmático: Brandom sobre conocimiento y creencia] (English)

Paul Horwich 
Wittgenstein (and his followers) on meaning and normativity  
[Wittgenstein (y sus seguidores) sobre significado y normatividad] (English)


María José Frápolli and Kurt Wischin
From Conceptual Content in Big Apes and AI, to the Classical Principle of Explosion: An Interview with Robert B. Brandom 
[Del contenido conceptual en los grandes monos e IA, hasta el principio de explosión clásico: una entrevista con Robert B. Brandom] (English)

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Workshop on Animal Minds & Morals

Workshop on Animal Minds & Morals

University of Hertfordshire

De Havilland Campus

W040 (Law Court Building)


13.00-13.55 Luke Cash (University of Cambridge)

‘Primitive Forms of Thought and Agency'

 13.55-14.50 Niklas Forsberg (University of Pardubice)

‘Deciding What to Look For: Conceptions of Language and Consciousness in Animal Ethics’

 14.50-15.20 Coffee Break

 15.20- 16.15Shasha Lawson-Frost (University of Oxford)

 'Recognition and Attention in Animal Ethics' 

 16.15-17.10 Mikel Burley (University of Leeds)

 'We are Human Beings, and We Value Human Life': Affinities and Divergences Between Glock and Diamond on Mental Capacities and Animal Ethics’

 17.10-17.30 Coffee Break

 17.30-18.25 Maria Balaska (University of Hertfordshire)

‘Do Humans Think?’

18.30 Reception

19.00 Francis Bacon Lecture

Professor Hans-Johann Glock (University of Zurich)

‘Animal Minds and Animal Ethics’

Weston Auditorium

de Havilland Campus

55th Session of the Welsh Philosophical Society Annual Meeting

Friday 26-Sunday 28 2019

Gregynog Hall (


Friday 26 April

4 p.m.              Tea

4.30 pm           Kate Kirkpatrick (King’s College London), 'The Ethics of Looking: Sartre and Beauvoir on Knowing Others'

7.00 p.m.         Dinner             

8.00 p.m.         Discussion of paper read in advance. (Yet to be agreed.)

Saturday 27 April

8 a.m.              Breakfast

10 a.m.            Annual Wittgenstein Lecture: Benjamin De Mesel (Leuven), 'Strawson's Wittgensteinian approach to moral responsibility'
11 a.m.            Coffee, followed by discussion of paper
12.30 p.m.      Short business meeting
1 p.m.              Lunch
4 p.m.              Tea
4.30 p.m.        Richard Gipps (Oxford), ‘On Being Unhinged’

7.00 p.m.        Dinner

8.00 p.m.        Event. (Yet to be agreed.)

Sunday 28 April

8 a.m.               Breakfast
9.15 a.m.         10th anniversary BWS Lecture  Hans-Johann Glock (Zurich), ‘What is Meaning? a Wittgensteinian Answer to an un-Wittgensteinian question’

10.15 a.m.       Coffee & Discussion

11.45 a.m.       Departure

The conference is sponsored by the British Wittgenstein Society and University of Wales Trinity St David.

A registration form is available for download here or contact David Cockburn at


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