Workshop on Animal Minds & Morals

University of Hertfordshire

De Havilland Campus

W040 (Law Court Building)


13.00-13.55 Luke Cash (University of Cambridge)

‘Primitive Forms of Thought and Agency'

 13.55-14.50 Niklas Forsberg (University of Pardubice)

‘Deciding What to Look For: Conceptions of Language and Consciousness in Animal Ethics’

 14.50-15.20 Coffee Break

 15.20- 16.15Shasha Lawson-Frost (University of Oxford)

 'Recognition and Attention in Animal Ethics' 

 16.15-17.10 Mikel Burley (University of Leeds)

 'We are Human Beings, and We Value Human Life': Affinities and Divergences Between Glock and Diamond on Mental Capacities and Animal Ethics’

 17.10-17.30 Coffee Break

 17.30-18.25 Maria Balaska (University of Hertfordshire)

‘Do Humans Think?’

18.30 Reception

19.00 Francis Bacon Lecture

Professor Hans-Johann Glock (University of Zurich)

‘Animal Minds and Animal Ethics’

Weston Auditorium

de Havilland Campus