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Month: April 2022



14-17 September 2022 / free online event

Call for Registration

Hi all, 

The conference Modernism1922: Celebrating Distinctions honours 1922 as annus mirabilis for modernism, from many different perspectives. It aims to uncover new views on what set the 1922 modernist events apart, but also on how they compare and impacted each other, e.g., with regard to art ideology, aesthetics, philosophy, religion,… Keynote speakers are:

  • Clare Hutton, Loughborough University: Women and the Making of Ulysses
  • James C. Klagge, Virginia Tech. Wittgenstein’s Tractatus and the Great War
  • Philomeen Lelieveldt, Netherlands Music Institute Ido Eyl’s visit to the French musical avantgarde
  • Michael North, UCLA 1922: A Centenary Dismemberment

A detailed schedule can be found on the website To participate in this event please register. To do so, fill out the form here.  Once registered, you’ll receive the links to take part in the webinar in due time. We look forward to your participation in what promises to be a lively event!

Wittgenstein’s autograph comments and corrections

As a modest gift for all who are interested in Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy, the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies (MCCS) published online one of the copies of MCCS Book Collection – Ludwig Wittgenstein’s autograph comments and corrections in an offprint of Ludwig Hänsel's essay 'Wertgefühl und Wert' (Sense of Value and Value). It is one of the main sources of direct statements of later Wittgenstein on the philosophy of value (Wertphilosophie). Although this document has already been studied (see Christian Paul Berger's “Wittgensteins Kritik an Hänsels Aufsatz Wertgefühl und Wert”), it is published in the open access for the first time, and we hope that it would be a valuable source for many researchers for whom it was unavailable until now.
Direct link:
Please, feel free to use it and to spread the information about its publication to everyone who can be interested in it.
Best wishes
Andrew Mertsalov,
Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies

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