Welcome from Sandra Laugier and Danièle Moyal-Sharrock

Symposium on Hinge Epistemology with Annalisa Coliva (Irvine); Daniele Moyal-Sharrock (Hertfordshire); Duncan Pritchard (Irvine)

Elise Marrou (Sorbonne) and Xavier Maréchal (Sorbonne) Hinges and Closure-based Scepticism: the challenge of shedding light on our epistemic blindspots

Carla Carmona (Seville) Epistemic Injustice and Hinge Epistemology

Jakob Ohlhorst (Cologne) Is there a Problem of Demarcation for Hinges?

Constantine Sandis (Hertfordshire) Hume as Hinge Epistemologist

Angélique Thébert (Nantes) In Defence of a (Moderate) Reidian View of our Hinge Commitments

Paul Standish (UCL) Something Animal

Robert Schmidle (Arizona State) Hinges in Moral Epistemology

Yevi Oceguera Ponce (UNAM, Mexico) On the Possibility of Justifying Ordinary Perceptual

Jasmin Trächtler (Bergen) 'Hinges' of Trust – Wittgenstein on the Other Minds Problem