WHY we hold information about members

We request and hold information about people wishing to join the Society as members for the purposes of:

  • Promoting the mission of the Society;
  • Contacting members as a group or as individuals about Wittgenstein related news and issues;
  • Monitoring the profile and success of the Society.

Information we hold about members

The British Wittgenstein Society requests and, where given, holds the following information about members of the Society:

  • Name;
  • Email Address;
  • The member's given Username for our website;
  • The member's given password for our website held in encrypted form;
  • Institutional affiliation;
  • Location;
  • Interest in Wittgenstein;
  • Membership of any subgroup of roles within the Society website e.g. Newsletter subscriber.
  • Date of application of membership to the Society.

In addition, we monitor the IP addresses of visitors to the site and use the industry standard Google Analytics to track the site's performance.

who can see this information

The information we hold about BWS members is accessible only to members of the BWS Executive Committee.

What we send you

We send out to members:

  • Confirmation of membership on successful application;
  • A newsletter twice a year;
  • Occasional information about special events.

We do not pass on any information to third parties. If this situation should change or if we receive an individual request about your details, we may seek your individual express consent.

Data Requests

You may at any time:

  • Update your information with us by logging in and following this link;
  • Unsubscribe from the newsletter and remain a member by following the link at the foot of every newsletter;
  • Request a copy of the information we hold about you;
  • Ask us to delete your information and cease being a member.

We will respond to your requests free of charge and within one month of your request under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2018).

Data Retention

We retain the information members have given us for as long as they are members of the Society.  Every two years we carry out a review of our membership data and delete the information of members from bounced back messages from our Newsletter mailout. That data will persist in backups of the site for no more than 3 months after deletion after which it is gone forever.


We make every effort to keep your data secure. Our WordPress based site is:

  • Automatically updated with security patches;
  • Secured by strong administrative passwords;
  • Monitored for suspicious activity;
  • Able to block the IP addresses of known security risks;
  • Hosted by a reputable company with security safeguards in place.


In the very unlikely event of a security breach which puts the information we hold about members at risk, we will immediately notify:

  •  Any members affected;
  •  Our institutional host at the University of Hertfordshire;
  •  The Information Commissioner Office;
  •  Our website hosting service.

And then:

  • Take immediate action to identify and repair the security problem;
  • Advise all parties of the action taken.

Social Media

Please note that this policy applies to members of the British Wittgenstein Society only. If you are a member of the BWS Facebook page, you should review the Facebook Data Policy.

Further Questions

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or information we may hold about you, please do not hesitate to get in touch at