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Husserl-Wittgenstein workshop, Husserl Archives Leuven

27th of March 2019

Workshop description:

The Linguistic Turn marks the beginning of the divide between continental and analytic traditions in philosophy. The origins of this Turn are located in different works by interpreters, but the influence of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus on this movement is uncontested. One of the sharpest critics of this work was, however, Wittgenstein himself at a later stage in his career. His later work is of a pragmatic nature, and his later views on meaning are marked by an emphasis on the social nature of this term that had previously been absent in his work.

As a result of the Linguistic Turn, continental philosophy also became a separate discipline, with phenomenology as one of its most prominent branches and Husserl as its founder. When investigating both Husserl and Wittgenstein, the retrospective assignment of different labels to their enterprises can tempt us to lose sight of the historical and philosophical synchronicities in their works. Both philosophers operated in similar historical contexts, within the same philosophical tradition (both were in contact with and heavily influenced by Gottlob Frege for instance) and were concerned with similar questions concerning the constitution of meaning.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss and explore these parallels. It will not be our intention to gloss over the differences between the philosophers on the basis of which they were assigned to different traditions in the first place. But we also do not believe that these differences are more important than the similarities, which can provide a way into fruitful interdisciplinary research. Philosophy of language is not strictly a matter for philosophers that have taken the Linguistic Turn, nor are considerations concerning experience restricted to phenomenology. This workshop will bring together philosophers working in both traditions and at the intersections in an attempt to open a dialogue between these two philosophers.

Alois Pichler (University of Bergen)
Kevin Mulligan (University of Geneva)
John Rogove (Husserl Archives Paris)
Kelee Lee (Husserl Archives, KU Leuven)
Audun Bengtson (Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, KU Leuven)
Deva Waal (Husserl Archives, KU Leuven)

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