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Nordic Wittgenstein Review

A new issue of Nordic Wittgenstein Review was published. It's Open Access. See below.

NWR is an international full Open Access journal, published by the Nordic Wittgenstein Society since 2012. It applies a double-blind peer review to papers submitted to the article section, and an additional Open Review to accepted papers.

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The editors (2017-2018)
Gisela Bengtsson (Uppsala University)
Tove Österman (Uppsala University)
Yrsa Neuman, editor-in-chief (Åbo Akademi University) until yesterday, henceforth Simo Säätelä (University of Bergen)

PS. CFP! Next submission deadline: August 31 (& continuous). Submission guidelines:

Nordic Wittgenstein Review
Volume 6 / Number 1 (June 2017)

Farewell from an Editor-in-Chief 5-6

"Not a Something"
Roger Teichmann 9-30

A Passion for Life: Love and Meaning
Camilla Kronqvist 31-51

Excursus on Wittgenstein's Rule-Following Considerations
Elek Lane 53-83

Numbers in Elementary Propositions
Anderson Luis Nakano 85-103

The Logbook of Editing Wittgenstein's "Philosophische Bemerkungen"
Christian Erbacher, Julia Jung & Anne Seibel 105-147

Review of Ian Dearden: "Do Philosophers Talk Nonsense?"
Antony Fredriksson 149-151

Review of Rebecca Schuman: "Kafka and Wittgenstein"
Hugo Strandberg 153-156

REPLIES --- New section
Matters of Fact and Relations of Ideas
Nuno Venturinha 157-163

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Nordic Wittgenstein Review publishes original contributions on all aspects of Wittgenstein's thought and work - exegetical studies as well as papers drawing on Wittgensteinian themes and ideas in discussions of contemporary philosophical problems.

The journal is interdisciplinary in character, and publishes contributions in the subject areas of philosophy and other human and social studies including philology, linguistics, cognitive science, and others. Sections include invited paper, interview, peer-reviewed articles, from the archives (in which seminal works are re-published or where previously unpublished archive materials are presented), as well as a book reviews.

The journal is published by the Nordic Wittgenstein Society (NWS). It is Open Access, applies a double-blind peer review process to submitted article section papers, and an additional Open Review of accepted submitted articles. No article publishing charge. Copyright with the author, published with a Creative Commons CC-BY licence.

Wittgenstein and the Social Sciences

The BWS is pleased to report that the special issue of Philosophy of the Social Sciences with papers from the 2015 BWS conference has been published.

Wittgenstein and the Social Sciences

Special Issue of Philosophy of the Social Sciences December 2016 46 (6)

Guest editors: Nigel Pleasants and Daniéle Moyal-Sharrock

Table of Contents

John R. Searle: Insight and Error in Wittgenstein

John Dupré: Social Science: City Center or Leafy Suburb

Sabina Lovibond: Wittgenstein, Tolstoy, and the “Apocalyptic View”

John G. Gunnell: Social Inquiry and the Pursuit of Reality: Cora Diamond and the Problem of Criticizing from “Outside”

Albert Ogien: Obligation and Impersonality: Wittgenstein and the Nature of the Social

NB: Access to the special edition requires a fee or institutional login.