3-year funding award for the research project
“Intercultural Understanding, Belonging and Value: Wittgensteinian Approaches” 💫
Funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (Spain) 
Principal Investigator: Chon Tejedor (University of Valencia) 

Research Team: 
Carla Carmona (University of Sevilla)
• David Pérez-Chico (University of Zaragoza)
• Nicolas Sanchez Dura (University of Valencia)
• Vicente Sanfélix Vidarte (University of Valencia)
• Chon Tejedor (University of Valencia)

Research Working Plan group: 
Juliet Floyd (Boston University)
• Elise Marrou (La Sorbonne)
• Daniele Moyal-Sharrock (University of Hertfordshire & BWS)
• Constantine Sandis (University of Hertfordshire & BWS)
• Roger Teichmann (University of Oxford)