Press release:

New funding for Wittgenstein’s house in Skjolden

As one of the major sponsors, Luster Sparebank has given a grant of NOK 1 million to the project. This is in addition to NOK 1 million which has been funded by the county of Sogn og Fjordane, in which Wittgenstein’s house is located. There is still a long way for full funding, but with positive response from other key sponsors who will be contacted during the spring, the restoration of Wittgenstein’s house in its original surroundings can already commence within 2017.

The renowned Austrian philosopher and engineer Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889- 1951) is not very well known in Norway. However, every year people from around the world come to visit the site where he built the house in 1913, where he sought solitude to work without distractions. Here, Wittgenstein conducted works that delivered important contributions, not just to language and philosophy of mind, but also to mathematics and studies in aerodynamics.

Today, the house is located near the centre of Skjolden and is being used as a holiday house. The relocation and restoration of the house to its original architectural form, will create a historic and cultural heritage site in Sogn og Fjordane, and become an international tourist attraction.

Upon completion, the Foundation intends to inaugurate the house with its key stakeholders and friends representing Norwegian and international universities with a launch event in June 2019.

The project has received significant interest from across the world. A press delegation from Austria will visit the house in Skjolden in May 2017. Wittgenstein studied at the universities of Berlin, Manchester and Cambridge, which are all engaged in the project and agreed to collaborate to support the restoration of the house.
The Wittgenstein Foundation in Skjolden, March 9th 2017