10th Anniversary BWS ANNUAL CONFERENCE - WITTGENSTEIN in the 21st Century

The BWS is delighted to be able to make talks from the conference available. Please note that some sessions, were highly participative and we are are unable to show videos of those discussions.

Conference Welcome - Ian Ground - Wittgenstein's Place - Daniele Moyal ShaRrock

Daniel H. Hutto (WoolONgong) - Naturalism in the Goldilocks Zone: Wittgenstein’s Delicate Balancing AcT

Peter Hobson (UCL)  On Wittgenstein, development, and interpersonal understanding: the telling case of autism

Louise Barrett (Lethbridge, Canada)  Picturing primates, and looking at monkeys: why Wittgenstein should have  more impact on primatology

Michel Bitbol(CNRS, Paris)  Mathematical demonstration and experimental activity: a Wittgensteinian philosophy of physics

Richard Harper (Lancaster) in conversation with Constantine Sandis Wittgenstein and Information Communication Technology

Peter Hacker (Oxford)  The achievement and legacy of the private language arguments

Edward Harcourt (Oxford) Wittgenstein’s Ethics, Wittgensteinian Ethics, and Ethics after Wittgenstein

Sandra Laugier (Sorbonne, Paris)  Wittgenstein and the Social: language, community, and dissent

Paul Standish (UCL) Wittgenstein's impact on the philosophy of education