First BWS Annual Conference
The Third Wittgenstein

The first annual conference of the British Wittgenstein Society was held at the University of Hertfordshire on 7-8 June  2008. The conference also marked the occasion of the official launch of the British Wittgenstein Society (BWS). See below for details of published proceedings.

Photo by Dawn M. Phillips

The picture shows some of the guest speakers at the Inaugural BWS Conference - 'The Third Wittgenstein'. From the left: Nigel Pleasants (Exeter), Hans-Johann Glock (Zurich), Daniel D. Hutto (Hertfordshire), Michel ter Hark (Gronigen), John V. Canfield (Toronto), Avrum Stroll (UCSD), Peter Hacker (Oxford). Missing from the picture: Frank Cioffi (Kent), Laurence Goldstein  (Kent) and Crispin Wright (St Andrews).

The archived Conference Programme is available for downloading.

Proceedings of the BWS Inaugural Conference (2008): 'The Third Wittgenstein' Publication is scheduled for the December 2009 issue of Philosophia : 37:4. However, separate papers are already available for viewing on the Philosophia website .

Go to their Online First Articles Available page, and search down for papers by Canfield, Cioffi, Glock, Goldstein, Hutto, Moyal-Sharrock (Intro), Pleasants, Stroll, ter Hark.