May 22nd, 2017
Seventeenth Lecture
Rule-Following And Reflective Judgement
Dr Hanne Appelqvist

17th October 2016

Sixteenth Lecture
Dr. Chon Tejedor
Scientism as a Threat to Science: Wittgenstein on Self-Subversion

9 May 2016

Fifteenth Lecture
John Heaton
The Interface Between Wittgenstein's Philosophical Therapy and the Empirical Psychotherapies

18 October 2015

Fourteenth Lecture
Constantine Sandis
Wittgenstein & Friends on Action and the Will

12 May 2015

Thirteenth Lecture
Mikel Burley
Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Religion: Beyond Fideism and Atheism

28 October 2014

Twelfth Lecture
Professor Gavin Kitching
'What is the use of my teaching you these techniques...?': Contemporary Wittgensteinian Philosophy and the Really Rough Ground of Politics

27 May 2014
Eleventh Lecture
Professor Charles Altieri
Doubt and Display: A Foundation for a Wittgensteinian Approach to the Arts

14 May 2013

Tenth Lecture
Ian Ground
Listen to the Lion: Wittgenstein and Animal Minds

23 November 2012

Ninth Lecture
Paul Standish
On Being Resolute

8 May 2012

Eighth Lecture
Martin Kusch
On Certainty and the Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics

18 October 2011

Seventh lecture
Bernard Harrison
Wittgenstein, Reality and the Novel

9 May 2011

Sixth lecture
Sandra Laugier
The Importance of Importance: Cavell and Diamond on ethics

26 October 2010

Fifth lecture
Professor Frank Cioffi
Was Wittgenstein Right to Call Science a Trap?

20 May 2010

Fourth lecture
Dale Jacquette
Wittgenstein's Tractatus as Mystic Revelation

2 November 2009

Third lecture
Rom Harré
Are there Moral Hinges?

5 May 2009

Second lecture
Paul Horwich
Rorty's Wittgenstein

7 November 2008

The Inaugural lecture
Sir Anthony Kenny
Aristotle and Wittgenstein