14 May, 2020

Thirty-First Lecture

Benedict Smith

28th November, 2023

Thirtieth Lecture

P.M.S. Hacker

18th April, 2023

Twenty-Ninth Lecture

Michael Bavidge

8th November, 2022

Twenty-Eighth Lecture

Louise Barrett

26th April, 2022

Twenty-Seventh Lecture

David Egan

25th January, 2022

Twenty-Sixth Lecture

Maria Balaska

14th September, 2021

Twenty-Fifth Lecture

Sonia Sedivy

TLP Centenary Lecture

Duncan Richter, Richard Barnett & James Klagge

24th November, 2020

Twenty-Fourth Lecture

Oskari Kuusala

2nd June, 2020

Twenty-Third Lecture

Richard Gipps

The Narcissism of the Private Linguist

26th November, 2019

Twenty-Second Lecture

Maria Alvarez

Wittgenstein, Anscombe and 'Self-Knowledge'

26th November, 2019

28th May, 2019

Twenty-First Lecture

Ben Ware

Wittgenstein's Modernism

12th November 2018

Twentieth Lecture
Severin Schroeder
What is the point of the 'private language argument'?

14th May 2018

Nineteenth Lecture
Robert Chapman
The Autistic Mind: A Wittgensteinian Account.

6th November 2017

Eighteenth Lecture
Ray Monk
Turing and Wittgenstein on Logic and Mathematics

May 22nd, 2017
Seventeenth Lecture
Rule-Following And Reflective Judgement
Dr Hanne Appelqvist

17th October 2016

Sixteenth Lecture
Dr. Chon Tejedor
Scientism as a Threat to Science: Wittgenstein on Self-Subversion

9 May 2016

Fifteenth Lecture
John Heaton
The Interface Between Wittgenstein's Philosophical Therapy and the Empirical Psychotherapies

18 October 2015

Fourteenth Lecture
Constantine Sandis
Wittgenstein & Friends on Action and the Will

12 May 2015

Thirteenth Lecture
Mikel Burley
Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Religion: Beyond Fideism and Atheism

28 October 2014

Twelfth Lecture
Professor Gavin Kitching
'What is the use of my teaching you these techniques...?': Contemporary Wittgensteinian Philosophy and the Really Rough Ground of Politics

27 May 2014
Eleventh Lecture
Professor Charles Altieri
Doubt and Display: A Foundation for a Wittgensteinian Approach to the Arts

14 May 2013

Tenth Lecture
Ian Ground
Listen to the Lion: Wittgenstein and Animal Minds

23 November 2012

Ninth Lecture
Paul Standish
On Being Resolute

8 May 2012

Eighth Lecture
Martin Kusch
On Certainty and the Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics

18 October 2011

Seventh lecture
Bernard Harrison
Wittgenstein, Reality and the Novel

9 May 2011

Sixth lecture
Sandra Laugier
The Importance of Importance: Cavell and Diamond on ethics

26 October 2010

Fifth lecture
Professor Frank Cioffi
Was Wittgenstein Right to Call Science a Trap?

20 May 2010

Fourth lecture
Dale Jacquette
Wittgenstein's Tractatus as Mystic Revelation

2 November 2009

Third lecture
Rom Harré
Are there Moral Hinges?

5 May 2009

Second lecture
Paul Horwich
Rorty's Wittgenstein

7 November 2008

The Inaugural lecture
Sir Anthony Kenny
Aristotle and Wittgenstein