Wittgenstein Source continues to publish new editions other than the Wittgenstein Archives’ own Bergen Nachlass Edition. Recent editions included:

  • Moore’s notes of Wittgenstein’s lectures by David Stern, Brian Rogers, and Gabriel Citron from the University of Iowa in the Wittgenstein Source  “Facsimile Edition of Moore’s Notes of Wittgenstein’s Lectures”;
  • the edition of  the "Tractatus publication materials" by Alfred Schmidt from the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (ÖNB).

Wittgenstein Source is now delighted to announce the publication of Martin Pilch’s "Prototractatus Tools" (PTT).

PTT gives access to prepared new transcriptions of Wittgenstein Nachlass item Ms-104, the so-called "Prototractatus".

The editor, Martin Pilch prepared these highly sophisticated transcriptions with the aim of providing the best possible textual basis for facilitating the reconstruction of the composition process of the Tractatus text. PTT utilizes a multiplicity of representation formats and colour schemes in order to make various aspects of the Tractatus text genesis visible. An extension of the site is planned, and transcriptions of the Tractatus typescript Ts-202 are already in preparation.

Check PTT out on Wittgenstein Source!