UEA Wittgenstein Workshop


Meetings take place on Wednesdays 4-6pm.

Please note the changed time. Rooms vary.

23.10 Colin Johnston (University of Stirling) ’Self-conscious Acts’, ARTS 2.05

4.12 Andrew Lugg (University of Ottawa) ‘Wittgenstein after Wittgenstein: Remarks on Colour, Part II’, ARTS 01.18

15.1. Sasha Lawson-Frost, 'Wittgenstein and Moral Vision', ARTS 01.15

29.1. Sabina Lovibond (University of Oxford) 'Wittgenstein and Moral Realism: The Debate Continues', ARTS 2.08

26.2. Joshua Smith (UEA) ‘Wittgenstein and Madhyamaka’, ARTS 01.18

11.3 Hanne Appelqvist (University of Helsinki) TBA, ARTS 01.17

22.4 Mikel Burley (University of Leeds) ‘Philosophy of Religion in a Wittgensteinian Spirit: Radically Pluralist and Critically Descriptive’, ARTS 01.17

6.5. Jane Heal (University of Cambridge), ‘Naturalism, Wittgenstein and History’, ARTS 01.18

20.5. Pascal Zambito (University of Cambridge) ‘Wittgenstein on Frameworks of Thought’, ARTS 1.15

3.6. Luigi Perissinotto, (University of Venice) ‘Wittgenstein on Certainty and Disagreement’, ARTS 1.15

17.6. John Hyman (University of Oxford), ‘Wittgenstein on Responsibility and Free Will’, Queens 0.09

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