(I am therefore I think)

The world is all that is the case
Totality of facts not things
If it can be said
It can be thought
And imagination takes wings

To think, to say that this is true
Demands we might be wrong
Negation is the dark
That lets the light be seen
Act sires thought: the singer writes the song

Without us the violin makes no sound
The notes and signs don’t play
Just endless possibility
We must set the music free
What we think in what we say

Instinctive certitude is the hinge
That carries knowing’s door
The world begins as given
Furniture for mind
So grounded thoughts can soar

What cannot be said must be shown
No rules if I cannot wrongly apply
Though there are limits to what I see
This field has no boundary
To tell the truth, demands the lie

We cannot will the world to change
We must act to make it so
Freedom makes us choose
To win means we might lose
We may be sure but cannot know

I have my father’s eyes, my mother’s hands
My brother sounds like me
My daughter has my mother’s smile
My son her sense of style
But no one trait defines our family

I give you no theories no plans no schemes
Patterns are there immune to chance
Look, then act, then see
Together we learn how to be
Meaning is always a beautiful dance